Tinkering with Deerslayer Log


DEERSLAYER LINKS including vendor sites for parts and tools as well as sites for old truck and hot rod organizations


TINKERING WITH DEERSLAYER chronicles the day-by-day maintenance and improvements episodes for Deerslayer, a '37 Chevy farm truck hot rod.

CRUISIN' WITH DEERSLAYER Roadtrips, cruise-in's and truck show stories and tall tales.

TONY'S DUNGEON Tony Pascarella's forum entries at OldGMCtrucks.com regarding Deerslayer, particularly the 302 GMC engine build in his farmhouse basement.


DEERSLAYER MAINTENANCE Ever changing detailing, oil change, lube, etc. maintenance routines specifically developed for Deerslayer, including required tools, materials and procedures.

PROJECT NAILHEAD Chronicles the rebuild of a 1954 Buick Roadmaster 322 nailhead engine as a future replacement for Deerslayer's Jimmy 302.

I made arrangements to purchase Deerslayer in May of aught eight and drove him back from New York in september of the same year. The truck doesn't need restoration. I like it pretty much the way it is. Deerslayer has become the daily driver and the wear n tear of the Florida climate and daily drivin' takes a toll. These episodes will cover the day-by-day maintenance and ruminations as well as cruise-ins and shows that don't warrant their own roadtrip log entries.

Update: July 29th 2016 Deerslayer's Jimmy developed a series of problems by 2015 and I finally took him off the road for some needed engine work. Another year has passed and I still don't have him back on the road yet.

1. Getting Started 2. Cool runnings, Mon
3. Let there be spark to light the rainy night 4. Dog Days of Summer
5. Get Rhythm 6. Cab Comfort Capers
7. Putzin' Around 8. More Putzin' Around
9. Five Slappin' Pistons 10. Revenge of the Tiki
11. No. 5 Cylinder 12. Battlin' Entropy
13. Spiffin' up 14. Livin' the Dream
15. Still avoiding the big jobs 16. Frontend Follies
17. Slim Pickin's 18. Electrical bugaboos
19. Treading water 20. Project Nailhead
21. Nailhead Roadtrip 22. Roadtrip Ready
23. Momentum 24. Show Time
25. Catch 22 26. A Needed Lift
27. Creature Comforts 28. Jeepers Creepers
29. It's the Humidity 30. The Doldrums
31. Bling for Deerslayer 32. Doodads and Useful Stuff
33. More Useful Things 34. Of Nailheads and Windshields
35. In the Clutches (of Murphy) 36. Headscratchin'
37. Headache - Teardown 38. Headache - Mission Creep
39. Summer Slump    

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Issued Monday December 7, 2009

Updated Sunday March 12, 2017

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