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My name is Larry R. Kephart and I live in Pompano Beach, Florida. I used to be the proprietor of LAROKE Microcomputer Consultants. The business has ceased operation but the website remains. Personal interests include, hot rodding my '55 Chevy pickup and  '37 Chevy trucks, and defending the United States Constitution. I used to talk at my parrot Wingnut who never talked back but now he flys with God.

CheckBio Info Who's Who Biography and Photograph.

CheckLAROKE Microcomputer Consultants My former commercial Web site home page. The company has ceased operations but the site is still maintained for reference.

CheckKrash Khronicles Tales of terror from the eighties when I kept a journal of my misadventures.

CheckKeppylou's Art Updated 11.17.2004 Computer Art graphics of Wingnut the Parrot and other subjects by Keppylou (My Mom).

CheckOut in the garage with BillyBob Updated 01.08.2016 Journal of the rebuilding, and then hot rodding, of "BillyBob", my 1955 Chevy 1st Series pickup truck (a big-lipped, fat-fendered, double-nickel, bowtie, Toontown truck!).

CheckDeerslayer Updated 07.29.2016 "Deerslayer" is a 1937 Chevrolet "Open Express" 1/2 ton truck. "Pickup" was still a slang term in 1937, not yet an acknowleged body style name. When Tony Pascarella put the truck up for sale in the summer of 2008, I was lucky to snag it.

CheckRat Patrol Updated 07.03.2016 Journal of my adventures with "Renegade", my 1991 Jeep Wrangler Renegade (a fun ride that I've been neglecting too much in favor of Deerslayer).

CheckBettyLou Updated 11.22.2016 Journal of "BettyLou, a 1993 Chrysler Concorde. I came into possession of BettyLou after my Mother passed away in November of 2004. BettyLou was the last car my parents had purchased. When I trailered her to South Florida, only 18,101 miles were showing on BettyLou's odometer. BettyLou was a casualty of the Obama years, rusting away behind the shadetree garage and finally hauled away by the scrappers at the end of 2016 when the Krash Lab was demolished to make way for new construction.

CheckElvira Updated 12.04.2016 Journal of "Elvira, a 2017 Cadillac ATS V Series factory hot rod. After BettyLou was scrapped, I consoled myself by ordering a 464 HP, 189 MPH baby Cadillac. It even has a six-speed manual transmission. Woo Hoo!

CheckLand of the Free and Home of the Brave Updated 04.07.2000 My political philosophy. This is where I used to post mini-essays (OK, rants) on what had me angry at the moment as a form of self-therapy. I stopped updating it when the Internet exploded with untold thousands of bloggers who could speak to the issues so much more eloquently than I could.

CheckWWI Soldier's Diary Updated 08.23.2007 My maternal grandfather, William A. Livergood, willed his war diary to me. Here resides a transcription of the "Diary of William A Livergood. A tale of a soldier who served in the World War in France", as well as period photos and scanned images of the original diary.

Larry Kephart is the IT Manager for Vander Ploeg & Associates. He began his career as a drafter for a medium size consulting engineering company in Pennsylvania. Three years later he was involved in all phases of architectural practice in a medium size commercial architectural firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Upon formal Registration as an Architect, Mr. Kephart added construction documentation to his professional background together with a continuing activity in all phases of architectural practice.

During his 33 years with VPA Inc., he has worked on a series of luxury custom residences in South Florida, a series of condominium and townhouse residences, an industrial park, shopping centers, office buildings, and movie theaters. Mr. Kephart has also taken on the responsibility of preparing all project specifications and cost break downs for Vander Ploeg & Associates. In addition to his normal tasks he is the M.I.S. director for VPA Inc.'s CADD and data system and actively participates in the firm's management.

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