Renegade's Patrol Log


JEEP LINKS including vendor sites for parts and tools as well as sites for jeep organizations


PATROL LOG includes log entries of minor repairs and and adventures between time of purchase and the present.


RENEGADE MAINTENANCE Ever changing detailing, oil change, lube, etc. maintenance routines developed for Renegade based on the BillyBob routines, including required tools, materials and procedures.

I haven't done much of my own work on Renegade since I purchased him in 1991. However, one of my Y2K resolutions is to start doing a lot of my own maintenance (I get an unnatural, irrational twitch between my ears that tells me Renegade is miffed at all the attention I lavish on BillyBob). The PATROL LOG history of Renegade includes log entries of minor repairs and adventures between the time I got Renegade and the present.

1. Y2K resolution 2.  God is in the Details
3. Bulking Up 4. On the Road Again
5. Back to Bulking Up 6. Rust never sleeps
7. Renegade Ressurection 8. One damn thing after another

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Issued Saturday January 1, 2000

Updated Wednesday April 25, 2018

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