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JEEP LINKS including vendor sites for parts and tools as well as sites for jeep organizations


PATROL LOG includes log entries of minor repairs and and adventures between time of purchase and the present.


RENEGADE MAINTENANCE Ever changing detailing, oil change, lube, etc. maintenance routines developed for Renegade based on the BillyBob routines, including required tools, materials and procedures.

Cruisin' the Internet has turned up some interesting JEEP LINKS including vendor sites for parts, and tools as well as sites for Jeep organizations. There are also a lot of personal web pages (like this one) devoted to Jeeps. There is some duplication of BillyBob's TRUCK LINKS here for convenience (where those links could also apply to Jeeps).

4WD experts in transmission and engine conversions. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad.

Wash Wax All Leaves an anti-static, protective coating that repels dirt, moisture and the damaging effects of ultra-violet rays without scratching the surface!

I have purchased a Wash Wax All Starter Kit from Aero Cosmetics so far and I am pleased as punch with this product.

We specialize in discontinued, obsolete and hard to find automobile and truck factory printed literature, manuals and books which are specific to your car or truck. They give you the detail you need to effectively repair or restore your automobile. Whether you have an antique auto, collector or classic car, muscle car, pick up truck or daily driver, you can find what you need in our extensive inventory. Founded in 1974, we have satisfied thousands of people just like you with our prompt shipment of just the right book for their automobile or literature collection.

I've ordered and received a "Shop Manual, Engine, Chassis & Body 1991 Jeep Reprint" and a "Shop Manual Electrical, Heating-A/C & Emissions 1991 Jeep Reprint".

Brake Performance was established ten years ago with more than thirty years' experience in the Automotive Aftermarket. The manufacturing of our own products, as well as our extensive experience in the automotive industry, have allowed us to gain vast knowledge of the automobile's braking systems. We compile dimensions and details on all the products we sell to ensure that you are receiving the proper product for your vehicle. Brake Performance carries the largest selection of brake products for Auto, Truck and SUV applications. All of of our products are direct bolt-on OEM replacements with no modifications required. We ensure that the products' quality and finish meet or exceed our strict standards.

I've ordered and received a set of drilled and slotted rotors, brake hoses, calipers and ceramic pads from Brake Performance and I am happy with the performance of these parts to date.

CARPARTS.COM is the Internet's number one source of replacement parts and accessories for cars, trucks and SUVs. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad.

Unique automotive tools and supplies. I have only purchased Corroless Rust Stabilizer from Eastwood so far, but my experience with them was pleasant and I will purchase from them again.

Your one-stop link to four wheel drive off-roading--specializing in quality parts and accessories for Jeep® vehicles. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad.

Approaching our fourth decade, Novak is the premier maker of powertrain conversion components for Jeep® vehicles. The Novak website contains some of the most useful Jeep® powertrain upgrade information on the planet. Enter the Novak Knowledge Base to get your research off to the best start.

I've purchased a hydraulic clutch line adapter fitting so far, that allows me to use a standard flared tubing line with the YJ clutch master cylinder. The part arrived promptly and I am a happy camper.

Jeep and Truck enthusiasts founded Quadratec ten years ago. We knew that the Jeep, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Truck owners deserved a better level of service, than was available. Quadratec is your source for anything you need for your Jeep, SUV or Truck.

I have purchased a redtop Optima battery, Best Top replacement tops, Air induction kit, Poweraid Helix Throttle Body Spacer, Quick Mirror II Black replacement mirrors, Accel Super Stock Spiral Wire plug wires, Billet Battery Hold-Down, Centerforce I Performance Clutch, Hurst Billet Shifter, 5-Gal Gas Can, 5-Gal Water Can (jerry cans), Clutch Master Cylinder, silicone wiper blades,  Airaid cold air intake system, Gale Banks catback muffler and tailpipe, and fuel pump/sender unit from Quadratec so far and everything arrived in a timely manner. I am happy with their service.

The company for SUV enthusiasts. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad.

Skyway Tools was founded by Douglas Gillis in Paradise, California in 1986 and moved to Chico, California in 1993. What began as a tiny shop with a few tools has become a thriving business carrying over ten thousand different types of tools and supplies. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad.

Walck's 4WD has been providing parts, new and used for Jeep® owners for 25 years. We are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all Willys and Jeep® vehicles. We offer a wide range of new, used, rebuilt and reproduction parts for all years and models from 1941 to present. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad.

Whose Web site is this??? This is the Web site of Car Talk, starring Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka "Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers").

For more than two decades Carlisle Productions has presented an unparalleled schedule of quality automotive and non-automotive antique and collectible events. Carlisle Productions' events afford manufacturers, distributors and vendors direct access to the ever-popular automotive and antique collector hobbies.  Carlisle provides car enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase collector cars, restoration parts and memorabilia, as well as an ideal venue to showcase or sell their cars. Carlisle offers antique collectors an unsurpassed array of fine antiques and collectibles.  Spring, Summer and Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meets & Corrals feature thousands of vendor spaces filled with automotive parts and accessories for all makes and models as well as memorabilia and cars for sale by owners.

This is by far my favorite Jeep Website, especially the Forums. I don't think there's a Jeep question that hasn't been asked and answered there. A great group of Jeepers.

Ever since the Net started, has been there. About five years ago, ORC was started by dirt bike nuts, just to talk with other crazies. Almost by accident, ORC grew like a weed on steroids, until it’s reached the position where it’s the absolute giant in the sport.

I put the postal jeep web site together because I have always liked the postal jeep. While you may still see some postal jeeps in rural areas, there are not too many on the road anymore. If you are lucky, you might be able to pick up a used postal jeep. Please browse through this web site to learn about the postal jeep and the history behind it.

SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, strives to keep everyone up to speed on what's new in automotive specialty and performance products.

United has member clubs associations and individuals from all over the US and Internationally. We are a "United Voice" for 4WD owners... and we welcome you to United Online!

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