Elvira Links


ELVIRA LINKS including vendor sites for parts and tools as well as sites for GM organizations


ENHANCEMENT LOG includes log entries of repairs and enhancements between the time of arrival in Florida and the present.


ELVIRA MAINTENANCE Ever changing detailing, oil change, lube, etc. maintenance routines developed for Elvira based on what Cadillac will allow, including required tools, materials and procedures.

When I decided on a performance Caddy, I went to the local dealer in hope of finding an available car. It was not to be. At the time, Only two  ATS-V Coupes were located in the State of Florida and only one of those was close enough to what I wanted to be acceptable but it was not available. I had to initiate a build order. The estimated time to build and deliver Elvira was six to eight weeks. With that time on my hands, I began to comb the Intarweb for info on the car I had ordered. There are fewer links for The performance Caddys than for old trucks and Jeeps but they are out there. There is some duplication of BillyBob's TRUCK LINKS and Renegade's JEEP LINKS here for convenience (where those links could also apply to Elvira).

We specialize in discontinued, obsolete and hard to find automobile and truck factory printed literature, manuals and books which are specific to your car or truck. They give you the detail you need to effectively repair or restore your automobile. Whether you have an antique auto, collector or classic car, muscle car, pick up truck or daily driver, you can find what you need in our extensive inventory. Founded in 1974, we have satisfied thousands of people just like you with our prompt shipment of just the right book for their automobile or literature collection.

I've ordered and received a "Shop Manual, 1993 Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision Reprint".

Official Cadillac Division of General Motors website. First place I stopped to research Elvira.

Cadillac Owners and Enthusiasts online.

The Cadillac V-Net is an idea that was spawned from a variety of automotive enthusiasts on the Internet. The purpose of the site is to provide a place where Cadillac enthusiasts can research their V-Series interests, support repairs and modifications, write articles to contribute to the site and buy/sell/exchange cars and parts. Our plan is to continue extending the site, by continuing to add the information that is important to you as Cadillac V-Series owners and enthusiasts.

Whose Web site is this??? This is the Web site of Car Talk, starring Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka "Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers").

General Motors is committed to designing, building, and selling cars that perform well and last a long time—and to making the experience of owning a GM vehicle highly rewarding. That's why GM Powertrain engineers developed the dexos® engine oil specification. The result is engine oil designed specifically for your GM engine, with added performance in areas important to its operation. dexos® represents a high quality, robust oil formulated to some of the most rigorous specifications in the industry. And just like GM, dexos® is global. GM wants to make sure that every GM car anywhere in the world has access to the highest quality oil formulated exclusively for GM engines.

Factory authorized service and owner information.

Visit your Cadillac Owner Center anytime to track your service history, view your Owner’s Manual and how-to videos, check your warranty status and more.

OnStar Services - Emergency: Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, Crisis Assist, and Roadside Assistance. Security: Stolen Vehicle Assistance including Remote Ignition Block, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, and Theft Alarm Notification. Navigation: Turn-By-Turn Navigation and AtYourService. Connections: OnStar with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot and Hands-Free Calling. Vehicle Manager: Advanced Diagnostics, OnStar Smart Driver, Remote Access and Location Manager.

Welcome to commercial-free music from every genre, live play-by-play sports, the biggest news and talk, and the hottest entertainment at your fingertips, 24/7. Welcome to an All Access package that lets you listen to all of it everywhere — in your car, at home or the office on your computer, or on your smartphone and tablet.

TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline
The intention of the TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline standards is to create a winning situation for gasoline retailers, auto manufacturers and drivers. Currently, many gasoline retailers provide fuels with lower-quality additive packages that can build up deposits on fuel injectors and on intake valves. Others can build up deposits in combustion chambers and may lead to intake valve sticking. These lower levels of additives can have negative impacts on engine performance and vehicle responsiveness.

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