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Adversity.net We support fair and equal treatment under the law, without regard to race or gender, and without racial and gender preferences!

I got my Census 2000 form this week in the mail. I believe in the Libertarian point of view on this issue (and most other issues as well), so I'll be marking "1" (one) in the first box and leaving the rest unanswered. I'll risk the $100 fine.

The Census is necessary to determine the number of seats each State gets in the House of Representatives. All the rest has been "tacked-on" over the years to help nameless bureaucrats (I can't bring myself to say "public servants") determine how to re-distribute taxes collected from the "haves" to their favorite "have-nots". Haves and Have-nots aren't even accurate terms for what is happening here since many have-nots pay more than their share of taxes and many haves get huge shares of Government pork.

My point is that these decisions are made by people we didn't elect and are not accountable to the people they "serve". Sure, Congress made the Laws (some good, many bad) that Federal Agencies operate under, but the agencies make the Byzantine rules that are used to implement those Laws and, sadly enough, these rules, more often than not, bear little resemblance to the Laws they claim as their mandate.

The Census data will be used to support Affirmative Action and Quotas (among other things like highways and more public schools that don't work), policies that were never in the original anti-discrimination legislation. And for good reason. These programs are divisive. Folk wisdom says it best "Two wrongs don't make a right". These policies and rules were put in place by judges and Federal agencies who were exceeding their authority.

These policies have done far more harm than good. They fuel the rhetoric of the extremists on both sides of the issue. Racial purity is an evil fiction whether it comes from the likes of a David Duke or a Louis Farakan. There are only two kinds of people - Good people and bad people and both types come in all flavors. People must be treated as individuals on a case-by-case basis and prosecution of the anti-discrimination laws is the just way, not blanket quotas and programs that favor one "group" over another.

I have a Nephew and a Niece and they are adopted. They are not of my race. It did not take long for them to generate in me the same affection I reserve for blood relatives and, to me, there is no longer any difference. I love them. I have no doubts that they will be able to make their way in the world without the help of the Government. It would be nice if their future accomplishments not be overshadowed by the stigma of Affirmative Action and quotas.

The greatness of America derives from the rich diversity of the "melting pot" of its peoples. I can't see how tinkering by the Federal Government can enhance it. They show evidence of turning it into a bitter stew with their endless manipulations.

I recently turned fifty. I'm on the leading edge of becoming an "old white man". That's as Politically Incorrect as you can get. I can say with some certainy that there's nothing for me in the Census results except maybe more taxes to compensate the minorities I've trodden on. I can't remember mis-treating anyone but that's beside the point. I meet the classification.

By filling in the first box of the Census form, I've met the constitutional requirements. The census takers will have to guess at the rest. They can use their "statistical analysis" tools to pick any race they want for the rest of my data. I will be proud to be counted as an African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Native-American, Mixed-race American, or even Caucasian-American. The one thing shared by all these classifications is "American" and that's the only thing that counts.

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Issued Wednesday March 29, 2000

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